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 Dark side


This website is dedicated to the analysis of the Signs of the End-Time, more famously known to Muslims as “Signs of Qiyāmah”. Christians and Orthodox Jews may also find the information interesting as these 3 religions find many commonalities within their respective traditions under the subject of Eschatology.

The views and information are from Shaykh Faheem’s latest book, “The Beginning of the End”. Whilst the website is dedicated to the subject of Islamic Eschatology, it is not confined to the subject alone. The Shaykh will provide other articles on relevant issues affecting the global Muslim populace when required.

The mission of this eschatological endeavour is to awaken the Ummah from the slumber of spiritual inertia, by elucidating the signs located in the modern age, as the fulfillment of the prophesized signs located in the Qur’ān and Sunnah.